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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Different Beat Radio, Episode #3: "Writers + Restaurants = Rock", 3-2-10

Episode #3: "Writers + Restaurants = Rock". Third episode of new music radio show/podcast hosted by Indianapolis performer/producer Tim Brickley, direct from his "retro rock/jazz paradise", Hit City Recording. 
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Episode #3, "Writers + Restaurants = Rock" features music from, and interviews with:

Richard Sullivan (below, L, with band), a West Virginia-bred journalist/web guru now spinning his tales via good, old-fashioned independent rock and roll....

and J.J. Pearson, legendary punk drummer/guitarist from Vancouver, BC, now fronting his own group and running his fledgling J.J.'s Cafe's culinary empire.....

Also, first stab at new segment "Archival Material" - this week, a live, 1986 performance by Tim at the Vogue in Indianapolis, from a solo show with a then new-fangled piece of musical gear called a "sequencer".

 Plus, a special "closing comment" regarding critical reception of the first two episodes. (Approx. 25 mins.)

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  1. Digging the Dif Beat Podcasts. Looking forward to seeing it grow and evolve! Rock on.